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404 Not Found
Overall Rating : 2.5 2.5 Star Rating (10)

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404 Not Found

404 Not Found
Rating 2.5 out of 5 ( 10 ratings )
10+ user reviews.

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  • Brand: Amazon Curated Collection
  • Model: AMZ752ES


  • Not intended for children under 3
  • Domestic

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Great for a 3 year old - REVISED on 7-12
By G. Reyes
I have a 3 year old daughter. She has a tendency to fiddle with the her earrings... so we often loose the pieces and have to buy new ones. The great thing about these screw-back ones they have a limit on how far you can screw them. We've had open screw-back earrings and when she fiddles with them she accidentally tightens them, which then often pinches her ears. Since these are closed screws, that shouldn't happen. We'll see how long they last... She wore them 2 days ago on 06/27/11... I'll update my review if/when they break...

-screw-back with limit
-cute for a 3 year old

-seems a bit thin but solid

-as of 06/29/11.... Highly recommended.

---UPDATED on 07-12-11---
I initially gave this a 5 star... but on Friday, July 8 one of the earrings broke... The "ladybug' broke off one of them. It left the "weld" where the spike meets the earring. Which means I couldn't just pull it out from the back. So I was left with the spike with a sharp weld in the front. I basically I had to take my pliers and grip the weld while I unscrew the screw-back. My wife was a bit scared and trying to keep a 3yo still while doing so was a bit tricky...

It's unfortunate that this happened... My daughter was fond of the earrings... she would go up to me and say "Daddy I have ladybugs!!!"... very cute...
Maybe it was just my luck or factory defect... but it lasted only 10 days... so 1 star :<

Screw-back earrings that work
By Tiphany81
These earrings work really well. My two and a half year old used to wear normal earrings, but lately she's been in a habit of taking them out. She always wants her earrings in, and it appears to be a mindless act of removal, so the screw-backs are perfect for her. These have stayed in for a week now. They also seem to be non-irritating. The only downside I noticed... The back posts are a little thick due to the thread, and it was a tight squeeze putting them in the first time. Still very worth it.

Lasted one whole day!
By Tracy Gorman-mcburney
Loved the idea of having screw back earrings for my 6 year old however these lasted ONE WHOLE DAY before one of the ladybugs broke off! Read a similar review and I had to do the same thing which was use a pair of pliers to hold the post while I unscrewed the back. I'll be getting a return authorization for these and sending them back. What a shame they are so cute and just the right size for my daughter.

Customer reviews

This product was added to our catalog on 09 September, 2011.

Chloe Mitchell
(Nebraska , USA)

I got this "404 Not Found" a couple of hours back and this is my first impression and setup experience. It's just so good.

Gabriela Watson
(Rhode Island , USA)

The quality of this 404 Not Found is incredible.

Alexander Torres
(Michigan , USA)

I really love this 404 Not Found. It's a great purchase and this website has been a good partner.

Aiden Turner
(South Dakota , United States)

I received my 404 Not Found within 5 days. The packaging was wonderful, very protective of all components and easy to access.

Mason Johnson
(New Jersey , United States)

404 Not Found is often a great product. Visually, it's fairly simple to understand.

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