301 Moved Permanently

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301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently
301 Moved Permanently
Overall Rating : 2.5 2.5 Star Rating (10)

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301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently
Rating 2.5 out of 5 ( 10 ratings )
10+ user reviews.

Product Details

  • Size: 6 Assorted Ring Snuggies per pack
  • Color: clear
  • Brand: Snuggies
  • Model: 1RingSnug6a
  • Dimensions: 3.50" h x .30" w x 2.00" l, .20 pounds


  • Package of 6
  • Various Sizes Included
  • Clear Plastic Sizers
  • Perfect for Most Ring Types
  • Get One for a Friend Too!

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Perfect after a little work
By CYoung
I needed to fit 3 bands; wedding set and anniversary band. Not easy! Sizing at the jewelry store would have been $130, too much for now. There is one snuggie in this pack that fits all 3 bands, but it was so tight and big, I couldn't tolerate it. My husband "lopped" about 1/16" off of the length and filed the thickness of the snuggie down. I put it on all three bands, with the slit facing out. Now it's perfect, comfortable, stays in place, and keeps my anniversary band perfectly aligned with my wedding set bands.

I priced a similar pkg at a local Claire's. Not as many in the pkg and it was $7.95 - way overpriced.

Even with the modification, this was our best option. I ordered two more packs. My husband will modify the other two of the size I needed so I'll have backups if needed. There are several sizes to choose from in the pack. Some of the other ones would have worked. I wore one for a few days just on my wedding set. I didn't like it, but it did keep all 3 rings on my finger, which is the ultimate goal. It did pop off of my finger once, a little scary! I would certainly not trust them enough to go digging around at the beach, or ride some waves, but for ordinary things once modified, they should be just fine.

I hope they will make these a bit "thinner" in the future. Our modified version is a 4 star. :-)

2014 - For questions on what to use to file down the plastic - use a grinding tool, like a dremel tool. My original one is still on my finger, working just fine and comfortable. Backup still in my drawer for when I might need it.

Could not use them
By Michelle R
I found these Ring Snuggies to be extremely difficult to put on my ring. I had to pry it open with a butter knife, then push the ring into the opening. I tried wearing it for a day, but the snuggie is made of hard plastic that kept biting into my hand whenever I closed it. It was too irritating and I gave up. I've never tried one of these ring adjusters before, so I don't know if they all perform this way or if it is just this brand. I also have small fingers (size 5) so maybe they work better with larger rings.

Ring Snuggies
By Random Ms.Magic
This worked really well if you cant afford to get your ring adjusted It worked wonderfully and comes in different sizes in one pack it was nice but you have to find the right size for your ring because it might cause some bruises if not applied correctly but you wont loose your ring by accident

Customer reviews

This product was added to our catalog on 09 September, 2011.

Aiden Sullivan
(Texas , United States)

This "301 Moved Permanently" is a superb bargan. i've waited a really time for the prices to come down and it paid off. My wife and i love it.

Mia Mitchell
(Florida , United States)

Highly recommended. I've had this 301 Moved Permanently for nearly 2 months ...all I can say is WOW...WOW.

Emma Young
(Louisiana , USA)

I recently bought 301 Moved Permanently to replace my old . I was extremely happy with the top quality of 301 Moved Permanently.

Emily Nelson
(Utah , United States)

Very nice features for 301 Moved Permanently. I LOVE it, nothing more to say.

Ava Hall
(Rhode Island , USA)

I have been using this 301 Moved Permanently for 1 week now. Nice built quality..

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