301 Moved Permanently

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301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently
301 Moved Permanently
Overall Rating : 2.5 2.5 Star Rating (10)

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301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently
Rating 2.5 out of 5 ( 10 ratings )
10+ user reviews.

Product Details

  • Size: 35*18
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Household Essentials
  • Model: 01943
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 35.00" h x 18.00" w x .25" l, .60 pounds


  • Hanging organizer offers a tidy way to store jewelry and other accessories
  • Durable vinyl construction; metal hanger for suspending from a hook or closet rod
  • Double-sided design; 80 soft, clear-vinyl pockets help protect jewelry
  • Sleek look nicely complements any bedroom or dressing-room closet
  • Measures approximately 35 inches by 18 inches

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Consider what you're storing
By Summer Lover
This item is nice if you are storing very lightweight items, like earrings. I tried to fill it with strands of seed beads and immediately saw a problem. One strand didn't weigh much, but 80 did! With so many slots and a rather light hangar assembly, be sure to consider the total weight of what you'll be storing. The hook and attached bar that hold up the whole assembly are limited strength.

Saved me LOTS of space!
By Tynia Leah Calafiore
I used to keep my necklaces hanging on an over the door purse rack. They would get tangled and broken and I couldn't see through the huge stack to find what I wanted half the time. (I have about 100 necklaces) This is a really amazing product. There are many pockets so each necklace can go in it's own individual spot and I don't have any trouble finding them any longer. It's not cheaply made or designed and the pockets were large enough to fit even my biggest necklaces.

I just bought another one to store my bracelets and earrings, I am so impressed. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who has a lot of jewelry and finds it messy and difficult to store it in a box or on a rack.

Barrettes, Polly Pockets and More!!
By seventrudelles
I also LOVE this product! I use mine (I have several) for a menagerie of things: Polly Pockets and thier many accessories, Barbie's many clothes and accessories, my 2 daughter's HUGE barrette collection, spices and other kitchen knick-knacks, Matchbox cars, and, oh... jewelry! We have five kids and I am neat freak- this is the perfect thing for moms with borderline OCD... It gets things off the floor and eliminates cluttered cupboards and drawers.

I particularly enjoy it's use as a barrette holder; that way we can see immediately which barrettes will perfectly match each outfit and not have to search around for rubberbands, the pair to the barrette you already found, etc.

5 stars for this item!!

Customer reviews

This product was added to our catalog on 09 September, 2011.

Sofia White
(West Virginia , United States)

I judge things by the value I get from them and the 301 Moved Permanently is a great value. 301 Moved Permanently did a fairly good job designing this product.

Steve Evans
(Minnesota , United States)

"301 Moved Permanently" is quiet good, and not too pricey considering what you get for the price.

Luciana Wilson
(Oklahoma , USA)

My wife purchased "301 Moved Permanently" for me for my B'Day. Her review is on here too.

Jayden Bennett
(Mississippi , United States)

I've had such a wonderful experience with my 301 Moved Permanently. My daughter especially love it.

Ethan Carter
(Florida , United States)

I received my 301 Moved Permanently within 5 days. The packaging was wonderful, very protective of all components and easy to access.

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